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Useful tips for Charities, Churches and Community Groups.


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Kids Club Kampala

Kids Club Kampala, Helping Vulnerable Children Survive and Thrive with infoodle Kids Club Kampala is a UK charity helping vulnerable kids in the slums of Kampala, the capital of Uganda,…
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West Northumberland FoodBank

West Northumberland Food Bank improving cash flow and efficiency   Together we can make a difference We asked Lesley Ferguson from West Northumberland Food Bank about their experience of moving…

Celebrating 10 years of supporting nonprofits

Last month infoodle celebrated 10 years of being in business: an incredible decade of working closely with hundreds of nonprofits worldwide, learning about their needs and creating a product that…
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How can infoodle help your church?

Have our recent blog articles inspired you to look for a complete church management system that fits your congregation’s needs and will enable you to manage your church effectively without…

Important features to look for in ChMS

Last week on our blog we started sharing a series of posts dedicated to Church Management Software and established that there are undeniable benefits to using one. ChMS tools are…
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Why churches need Church Management Software

Have you ever met a church pastor, priest or religious leader who didn’t wish they had more time on their hands to be able to serve their members better? Neither…

Best tips for planning your event

Last week we began a discussion about the importance of events for nonprofit organisations, despite the fact that the past few months saw many events being cancelled, postponed or transferred…

Managing events with infoodle

So far this month we have talked about events for nonprofit organisations and how important they can be for growing your community, raising awareness for your cause, finding others who…

Guide to nonprofit events

In the past 18 months events have become a tricky thing to organise or attend, wouldn’t you agree? We have seen many live events cancelled or postponed. Others proceeded but…

Time saving tips for nonprofits

The main reason why many people join not-for-profit organisations is their desire to bring positive change into the world, make an impact in their community and be surrounded by others…

Mailchimp vs. infoodle email

Every day we receive dozens of emails - many of them we delete, some we open and scan through, but much fewer we engage with through clicks. What is the…

What’s new in the new infoodle email designer?

infoodle Email Upgrade is here! WATCH THE VIDEO Did you know that only a small percentage of your audience sees what you post on social media? While social media marketing…