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Useful tips for Charities, Churches and Community Groups.


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Neighbourhood Support Manawatū

Creating A Safer, Connected and More Resilient Community Neighbourhood Support Manawatū is a charity and incorporated society that manages Neighbourhood Support activity in the Manawatū district of New Zealand. We…

Top 5 emails you should be sending

Using Email Designer Templates There are at least 5 emails you should be sending out regularly. In order to create beautiful and engaging emails you need to create them using…

Volunteer Appreciation : Farm Angels

Farm Angels was established in 2014 in response to help those in rural Queensland impacted by the prolonged drought. Hence Drought Angels. Since then Drought Angels - Now Farm Angels,…

Volunteer Appreciation : Cycling Without Age

Cycling Without Age started in Copenhagen in 2012 and now has chapters across 39 countries including New Zealand. I spoke with Elizabeth (Liz) from Cycling Without Age(CWA) Napier, about CWA,…

Volunteer Appreciation : Pāpāmoa Food Hub

This week we continue to showcase infoodle clients working with volunteers and how the benefit is reciprocal to both the charity and the volunteer. Pāpāmoa Food Hub Pāpāmoa Food Hub…

Volunteer Appreciation : Good Neighbour

Good Neighbour   Rachel Lander and Sammy Waru Volunteering is not just for the benefit of the organisation but also the volunteer. Good Neighbour Trust have been using infoodle as their…

Reporting, an important tool for all charities

I remember as a kid bringing home my school report with a touch of fear and trepidation. What were the teachers going to say about me? Of course, I didn't…
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Maximising Impact: Elevating Financial Year End Reporting and Receipting for Charities

Maximising Impact: Elevating Financial Year End Reporting and Receipting for Charities Financial year-end reporting and issuing receipts or statements are not just administrative tasks; they are opportunities to amplify the…
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Wishlist’s Journey with infoodle

Revolutionising Operations: Wishlist's Journey with infoodle Discover how Wishlist, the Sunshine Coast Health Foundation, reshaped its operations with infoodle. Faced with challenges in efficiency and communication using Blackbaud NXT, Wishlist…

How to stop your emails being blocked

Just imagine it’s the first day of school for your 5 year old. Everyone has been getting ready for this day and with great excitement it is finally here. The…
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The Benefits of Using Infoodle Finance Package

Maximising Impact In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, managing finances for charities and churches has become more complex than ever. The need to accurately track donations, issue receipts, and maintain…

Harnessing Technology to Drive Positive Transformation

Change is an inevitable and essential part of life. It's what propels societies, organisations, and individuals forward. Embracing change is often challenging, but it is also the catalyst for progress…