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Using infoodle 2-factor authentication to protect data

Nowadays many personal and business accounts fall victim to fraudulent activity such as cyber security attacks. When logging in to their email accounts, social media networks or internet banking, most people use a combination of their username and password, which is a single factor verification. In many cases, however, protection provided by passwords is not enough, and it is a good idea to consider adding an extra step to protect your systems and data. This is when two-factor authentication comes into play.

What is 2FA?

Broadly, two factor authentication is a two-step process for accessing a device or service, rather than relying on the traditional one-step single password. Usually this is done in the form of a one time randomly generated code that expires after a short time. It lets the system know that the person trying to get access is authorised to do so. There are various apps, such as Google Authenticator or Authy, that can present you with a code to use. Many banks provide their customers with a gadget (a net code token) that is also able to generate a security code.

2 factor authentication

Why use 2FA?

The main reason behind adding a two factor authentication to your login process is enhancing the security of your account. Extra security means that even if someone steals your password in a phishing attack, they will still need your 2FA device in order to gain access to your account. If your computer gets hacked or stolen, the attackers still need your 2FA device to log in.

Who should use it?

Everyone. Everyone is vulnerable these days, and attacks are getting more sophisticated and can be launched more broadly and indiscriminately. Using 2FA is strongly recommended by experts. Take a moment to set up two factor verification today to avoid being scammed.

To sum up, since organisation accounts often contain sensitive information, it is important to add extra measures to reduce the risk of your data being accessed by attackers.

With infoodle, you can enforce global two factor authentication for all your staff members. On our Help page, we have published a comprehensive guide on enabling 2FA for your account.

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