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Kiwis know that the 2020 General Election in New Zealand is fast approaching.

It will be held on Saturday 17th of October, and people will be able to vote from the 3rd of October (or 30th of September if they are overseas).

As infoodle clients are charitable organisations, churches or community groups, we thought it would be beneficial to explore the views and policies of the New Zealand political parties regarding the charity sector and community development in general.

This post is Part 1 of the series of blogs that we’ll be sharing in the next few days in order to provide you with information that might be helpful in understanding what various political parties stand for.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that infoodle is not campaigning for any particular party or trying to convince you which party to vote for. We are simply trying to point you to resources that will help you to make an informed decision.

If, in preparation for elections, you are looking for information on what charities are allowed or not allowed to do, there is an informative resource answering these questions. It explains that it is acceptable “for a charity to express support for a particular policy of a political party that is important to their charitable purpose (for example: a soup kitchen supporting a party’s policy on homelessness). However, a charity must not support or oppose a political party or candidate.”

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While NZ has a wide spectrum of political parties, these are the five parties currently in Parliament (listed alphabetically):

ACT Party

ACT party does not specifically mention the sector; however, many of their policies are clearly aimed at supporting our communities. They are looking at improving healthcare, powering small and medium business growth, supporting immigrants, taking practical steps towards improving the environment, or ending infrastructure deficit, among others.

More Information:

NZ First Party

New Zealand First Party has published their Fifteen Fundamental Principles on their “About Us” page. They are not detailed accounts of what they hope to achieve, but they include considerations of important issues, such as social welfare, education, environment, health, taxation and others.

Update: NZ First announced on the news that they have released their Policy Manifesto for the 2020 Election. Page 39 outlines their goals regarding strengthening communities, taking care of families, children and seniors.

“New Zealand First believes in the strength of family and community.”

They are also committed to and resolving the housing issues, creating employment opportunities and establishing a sustainable funding system.

More Information:

The Green Party

The Green Party of Aotearoa has a clear vision of what they would like to achieve in the community and voluntary sector:

“The Green Party supports a strong, independent Tangata Whenua, Community & Voluntary sector contributing to enhance Aotearoa New Zealand’s social, environmental, cultural, physical, spiritual, and economic well-being.”

They are looking into increasing the number of funding programmes available for charities and are committed to assisting the sector and its initiatives to thrive. They also acknowledge that the Government should strengthen their relationship with the sector, recognise the work volunteers do and encourage mutual trust and respect.

More Information:…

Labour Party

Labour Party makes it clear in their policies that they value our community and its diversity:

“Labour stands for fairness and equality of opportunity, celebration of diversity, and community empowerment… We’ll continue to place the wellbeing of all New Zealand communities at the heart of everything we do.”

Some of the points that stand out include providing funding for the disability sector, meeting the needs of Maori communities, supporting artists and creatives, cultural heritage organisations, and creating job and business opportunities for people.

More Information:

National Party

National Party mentions in their policies that one of their priorities is building stronger communities and investing in social development:

“National knows that our economy is first and foremost about people and their communities. We will invest in strengthening our community connections and social fabric. We will support our communities to build new enterprises and create local jobs.”

National will seek to gather data to understand the needs of our society and provide targeted support to those who are most at risk, such as unemployed people, young adults, or those suffering from a mental health disorder.

More Information:…[link removed on their website since publication]…[link removed on their website since publication]

I hope these resources provide a glimpse of what the five parties in Parliament have to say about the nonprofit sector. Tomorrow, let’s delve into the views of other registered parties and discover their stance.

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