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In this blog post we are continuing the conversation about the policies that NZ political parties have regarding the nonprofit sector. In Part 1 of the series we shared the views of the five political parties that are currently in Parliament. Today we will find out what several other registered NZ parties stand for.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that infoodle is not campaigning for any particular party or trying to convince you which party to vote for. We are simply trying to point you to resources that will help you to make an informed decision.

This is what other parties that appear on the NZ register of political parties (listed in alphabetical order) have to say:

Maori Party

The Maori Party stands on the belief that:

“Indigenous solutions can help unlock the wellbeing of our whānau, and our nation.”

Their policies are mainly aimed at providing for the well-being of the Maori population, and cover aspects such as health, education, or protection and revitalisation of Te Reo Maori. They also believe in fighting poverty and inequality, and are committed to support those who experience lack of opportunities and hardship in material well-being.

New Conservative

New Conservative< explicitly outline their value of building healthy communities:

“New Conservative is committed to unified communities that will be made safer, healthier, and stronger through priority being given to what unites us and encourages respect towards our differences.”

Some of their goals include making healthcare accessible and affordable, providing quality education and employment opportunities, and ensuring equal treatment for everyone regardless of their ethnicity, gender, age or religion.

In regards to nonprofit organisations, the party promises to encourage charitable activities, protect volunteers from prosecution under the health and safety and reduce the unnecessary bureaucracy that fundraising groups deal with.

ONE Party

ONE Party statements point clearly to their values:

“ONE Party promotes Righteousness, Justice, Truth & Freedom. We seek opportunities for all citizens to thrive and prosper in Aotearoa New Zealand. We advocate for our land, our environment, and our nation.”

They stand for equal opportunities for all people, which will result in a stronger economy.

ONE party provide an extensive overview of their policies covering education, health & environmental sectors. However, some parts of their community policy (including charity policy) are still being drafted.

TOP Party

The Opportunities Party’s policies for Election 2020 are seeking to address some of the challenges NZ is facing today such as the housing crisis, deteriorating environment, or the broken benefit system. They are looking at improving the distribution of income, creating affordable housing and rent opportunities, and providing support for small businesses. Equality is one of their core beliefs:

“TOP stands for a fair society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We have a number of policies to achieve this vision spanning democracy, early childhood education, education, criminal justice, alcohol, cannabis and health.”

Vision New Zealand

Vision New Zealand’s fundamental beliefs are outlined on their policy page that is still being developed.

The completed policies concentrate primarily on the future of New Zealand after the pandemic: they recognise the need for a reset in regards to economic, security and immigration issues.

Their other values include putting Kiwis first, supporting the First People, and empowering families. [Page no longer present]


Hope you find these resources helpful. There are a few more parties whose views we will be highlighting in Part 3 of our series early next week. Stay tuned!