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We have recently given Custom Fields a face-lift, and introduced a new powerful feature called Custom Views, opening up a new level of control and management.

custom fields infoodle

Custom Fields, Views & Contact Types

Custom Fields have been a big part of infoodle for a long time now, and it has given an incredible level of customisation to what information people can capture and store in their infoodle CRM.

Most organisations need the staples of things like “First/Last Name”; “Email”; “Phone number”; etc., But not every organisation is the same, so what happens when you are a medical institute or hospice needing to capture medical information on your clients or community? If you are a community focused group, you may deal with volunteers, and need to know things like do they have a valid first aid certificate, or have they perhaps had their police check done? Or maybe you run an equestrian club, and need to track skill levels of riders? And what about when you have a number of different contact types?

Custom Fields lets you build infoodle to match your needs. Being so critical to getting the most out of infoodle, we knew we needed to update the interface, and make it easier to set up and navigate.



You can now very quickly get to where you need to go. Needing to edit an existing field? Sure, just use the search feature! What about adding new fields? Click Manage Fields, then Add. And the tabs used to organise these Custom Fields – how do we add new tabs, edit existing tabs, or reorganise them? Just click Manage Tabs, and you are ready to make your changes. This functionality extends over to Organisation/Household fields, and Group Fields as well.

Custom Fields

As mentioned earlier, we have not just settled for a visual upgrade to the interface, but have rolled out a new feature called Custom Views. You are now able to tell infoodle that you have different types of contacts, and what Tabs and Fields should be visible when viewing these contacts.

If a contact is only a supplier, then perhaps you only care about contact information, and information on the products they supply. This information is not useful if the contact is a Staff member. You would likely want to display different information for donors, volunteers, members, etc., infoodle is even being used to track things like sponsored fence posts, hedgehogs, fleet of vehicles, grants, and trees. Those certainly need a completely different set of information captured and viewable compared with a standard contact!

Custom Fields

Below is a quick introductory video to the new interface and features. If you are already using these features, we would love to hear how? We are always looking for your feedback so we can continue developing the product to best meet your needs and make your admin life easier – freeing you up to do what is most important: Putting People First.