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Gift Aid is a vital source of revenue for UK charities. It provides a 25% uplift on eligible donations to the organisation when claimed from the HMRC. This contrasts with many other countries where the donors themselves make the choice where to direct their government provisioned refund, which may or may not be the organisations they originally donated to.

The challenge with Gift Aid is to organise the paperwork with efficiency so that the organisation – or their bookkeeper – isn’t weighed down with the effort. The task should be seamless with little admin effort, thereby ensuring the claims can be made frequently, and so improve cash flow for the organisation.

To claim Gift Aid you need to join 3 sets of data

Bringing all this information together can be time consuming, inaccurate and frustrating.

infoodle is a CRM to connect data concerning the donor community, their permissions around Gift Aid and the financial donations they have made. This information can be drawn from data directly entered by donors into forms; automatically drawn down from Xero; imported; or simply entered manually.

infoodle intelligently uses these data items to bring together a claim, ensuring that the right people with the right approval are being used – and the right transactions are utilised to ensure the claim is accurate. It does all this for you, you simply review the claim.

Once reviewed, you need to file this claim. HMRC requires strict formats – infoodle ensures these are correct, giving you clear warnings before there is any problem. Filing the claim is as simple as clicking ‘File to HMRC’. infoodle does all the work to file the claim directly. No spreadsheet manipulation required.

You can also create an invoice in Xero ready for the received funds. At its simplest you can file a claim, based on Xero data, with 8 clicks of the mouse – from start to finish.

Who doesn’t want to improve their cash flow? Use infoodle and make your claims regular – don’t put them off because the task is just too hard any longer.