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infoodle Email Upgrade is here!


Did you know that only a small percentage of your audience sees what you post on social media? While social media marketing could be a great tool, it is not always easy to predict the performance of your posts with the ever-changing algorithm. So, what is the answer?

Email marketing! There are significantly more chances that people will see and open the email in their Inbox than a Facebook or Instagram post. There are also more chances that they will engage with your content, as since they have subscribed to your newsletter in the first place, they are interested to hear from you. That’s why it is critical to not only have an email provider that supports your needs as a nonprofit organisation, but also helps you write emails that your subscribers want to engage with every time you hit Send.

If you’ve been wanting to up you communications game, keep reading to learn how the new infoodle email designer can help you create emails that transform the way you connect with your community.

Simpler layout

Your “Contact” section now shows a more minimalist navigation system. The already familiar items, such as “send from”, “reply to”, attachments, or signatures are reflecting on a single page, which makes them more accessible and easier to find.

As for your templates, it is easier to organise them now as well! You can create reusable templates for your newsletters, “thank you for donating” emails, surveys and such that have your brand colours, fonts and images added. Save it to the designated section for templates and make it either private (visible only to you) or global (visible to others in your organisation). Templates can be categorised (marketing, accounts, etc) and all categories will be there on the opening page. This allows you to access and use your canned emails quickly.

Enhanced control and flexibility

The new system is not cluttered, simple to learn and offers more control over the layout of your emails. Design new emails from scratch or use an existing template to offer a better visual experience for your audience. Our new drag-and-drop designer allows you to create beautiful emails and templates in a matter of minutes: add compelling text, attention-grabbing images, buttons and links that take readers to relevant content.

infoodle now offers plenty of flexibility for your email layouts as well – you can decide on the number of columns or rows you want to add, content width and alignment, padding and such. It is also very easy to modify fonts and their sizes and colours, as well as the colours of your links and buttons. You can also preview both mobile and desktop versions of your emails and make the necessary adjustments to make them look great no matter where they are viewed.

Consistent branding

It is important that your stakeholders see the consistency of your messaging across all your platforms. This does not only refer to your wording, but also the aesthetic: images, graphics, colours and fonts. Consistent branding elevates user experience, evokes trust and makes your organisation memorable and easily recognisable.

Use our new email designer to make your communication consistent with your website by adding your logos, including social media buttons and setting up the correct colours and fonts.

Better audience management

Grow, manage and engage subscribers better by utilising various tools available to you in your infoodle CRM. To grow your audience, add an infoodle Form to your website inviting them to subscribe to your newsletters. Once a new subscriber submits the form, you can check and approve it, so the new member, donor or customer is added to the database. Then, using Reports, you can build segments to create a custom audience (e.g. volunteers or donors) and send targeted emails or campaigns with added personalisations. You can also utilise Custom Fields for managing your contacts more effectively. Finally, you can use workflows to automate and streamline your email marketing efforts – this will help you save time spent on administration.

Comprehensive analytics

Finally, learn more about your subscribers’ preferences by looking at the statistics. Measure and analyse the most important metrics: whether is it open rates, clicks or conversions.

In conclusion, whether you are a beginner or an expert, the new email designer provides all the necessary features to create engaging emails that can help you connect with your subscribers consistently, as well as inform and support them with relevant content.

Check out our Help Documentation for more information.

We will also be hosting a new training that covers all aspects of the new email system: Save your seat here!

Learn more about the new email designer in this video: