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If you are looking for software that can help manage your Live Events, whether they are Award Ceremonies, Concerts, Church Services, or even Open Days, you can use the infoodle Live Event Manager to pre-plan your event with timings, and then during the live event manage and update each activity and timings, effectively communicating to all your teams.

The LEM gives you the ability to have a dedicated planning center for your events.

From planning the schedule of the event itself, down to the minute, you can quickly get a better understanding of timings and event activities. Once the big day arrives, LEM then can be put into the hands of your staff and volunteers, equipping them with the order of events – showing where everyone is on the runsheet; whether everything is running to time; what is coming up next, and such.

You already use infoodle as your community, charity, and church management software, and even club software, and now you can take planning events to the next level, by leveraging your infoodle Database and CRM as well. Some ways LEM is used for is live music events, AGMs, workshops/training days, roadshows, and church services.

Pre-Production Planning

It all starts with booking an event in. Once this has been done, we are able to select the event in LEM, and plan the event runsheet out, breaking it down into sections (eg. Morning Workshops, or Announcements, etc.,), items (eg. Different notices, individual workshops, activities, etc.,), and songs (if applicable, individual songs from a band set).

Live Production / Event Day

Once the event has arrived, you’ll have a playbook that everyone can follow. Different groups of people will need different information, and so there are a number of layout views available to them. Musicians for instance are going to care about what song is next in the playlist and lyrics/chords, whereas an MC would want to perhaps have their notes at hand for the next segment.

In addition to this, you can have someone manage the process live, to make sure everything runs to schedule. If things are not, changes can be made live, and pushed to all devices simultaneously. Messages can also be sent from the manager to everyone if needed. Great for quick remembers, and a gentle “hurry up” to someone taking too long in their talk/presentation.

Where to Next?

We have been getting some great feedback from those using this feature, and have a number of exciting features planned for the future. We would love to get your feedback too – What works well for you? What really does not…? What would make LEM even better/more useful to you?

Send an email to and let us know!