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Every day we receive dozens of emails – many of them we delete, some we open and scan through, but much fewer we engage with through clicks. What is the reason for this? We believe that attractive visual design, compelling copy and a strong message that resonates with your audience are key factors that make your emails exciting for people to receive. However, one other thing that can help us up our engagement rates is a reliable email service provider that comes with an intuitive and flexible email builder.

You are probably aware that earlier this month we’ve rolled out the new infoodle email. The refreshed system offers a number of exciting features, such as a new drag-and-drop designer, access to better analytics and a fully automated Unsubscribe process. While it’s incredibly exciting, we’re receiving many questions about switching over from Mailchimp, especially from those who enjoy having all their administration in one place.

Maichimp has been a tool of choice for many infoodle users for a long time. Like most of our clients, the infoodle team used Mailchimp email designer for creating some of our marketing emails as well. However, we often felt constrained by Mailchimp that does not allow much flexibility with their templates. Some other considerations included a hefty price tag (once the number of your subscribers exceeds 2000) and limitations around the number of sent emails.

In today’s post, we’d like to highlight a few ways in which the new infoodle email system makes it easier level up your email communications game by not only reducing costs, but also bringing elegant design, clarity and simplicity back into the equation.

User-friendly interface

The experience of using Mailchimp for several years proved that their interface can be quite clanky, slow and counter-intuitive. The Mailchimp dashboard can also get cluttered with many features (such as offers to create a website or a landing page with their own tools) that are not necessary for those who already have their websites built on other, often more robust and responsive platforms. On the other hand, the new infoodle email system offers a friendly minimalist interface.

The navigation is simple and straightforward: you can choose whether you want to use the basic email composer, a perfect option if you need to send a quick email or respond to an inquiry, or the new email designer with more advanced features, which works great for creating newsletters or sending announcements. It is possible to send test emails, schedule your messages to be sent out later and save templates that you want to use again in the future.

Flexible design

One of our goals in creating the new email system in infoodle was giving our clients the opportunity to gain more control over their email design and not be constrained by the limitations of Mailchimp’s outdated templates.

Often, Mailchimp required using code to make changes or make things look the way we wanted, and even then it was not guaranteed that the result will be satisfactory. In other cases, emails looked fine in the desktop version, but once opened on the mobile phone, they looked pretty bad: blocks of text shifted, images were too small or too big and did not align properly.

infoodle designer can be the solution to problems you encounter in Mailchimp and optimise user experience for your customers, members, donors or volunteers. You can easily put together emails that look amazing on any device: be it a desktop computer, a tablet or a phone. It’s the most efficient set-up for the simple yet effective email marketing, making your communications streamlined and smooth.

You can add your brand elements (logo, graphics, relevant images, or social media buttons), as well as easily change colours and fonts.

Reduced costs

Mailchimp allows you to start for free, but once the number of your contacts exceeds 2000, the prices start to skyrocket. While Mailchimp punishes you for growing your community and restricts the number of emails you can send within a month, infoodle allows you to send unlimited emails to your audience.

Besides, infoodle does not charge you extra for having the same contact in different lists or segments, when Mailchimp recognises them as separate contacts and will charge you double. Having the same contacts counted multiple times if they are in separate workflows is often the reason for your free plan to become expensive very fast.

To sum up, here are the advantages of using infoodle email:

  • Extremely user-friendly and easy to learn
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop design features
  • No complicated customisations or CSS requirements
  • Consistent brand preferences (that can be saved in a template)
  • Unlimited email sends to your contact list
  • Easy-to-navigate analytics and email data
  • Excellent customer service and support

We all know about the power of email marketing, but may feel overwhelmed at the thought of sitting down to build a well-designed email. Don’t let the overwhelm and fear of tech hold you back anymore – use the new infoodle email system to regularly communicate with your stakeholders and strengthen the relationships with your community. Create subscription forms for your website, set up workflows, use Reports to segment your audience and send relevant communication to your contacts – all in one place!

We acknowledge that switching from one email marketing platform to another could be a challenge and a learning curve, especially if you have a large list of subscribers with several segments. It might take some work to set up your campaigns in the new system but if in the end it results in saved time and effort, the change is worthwhile! If you are in the process of switching over to infoodle now, we have many helpful articles in our Help Docs, and our team is always here to provide training, answer questions and support you every step of the way.

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