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For today’s study we had a chat with Multiple Sclerosis Auckland, our wonderful clients that provide a range of services to people living with MS, while also supporting their family members, employers, friends and carers.

Please tell us and everyone else about your organisation

MS Auckland provides information, advocacy and personalised support services for the over 1,000 people affected by Multiple Sclerosis in greater Auckland. Our mission is to help people with MS to live well.

What was your situation like before implementing infoodle?

Before Infoodle, we were using 2 different database systems that had to manually sync (these were run on Microsoft Access), Excel Spreadsheets and our website CRM. Having multiple data spread across different systems was difficult to keep records up to date, open for human error, and took up far too much admin time to process anything. Looking back now, I am surprised we did not move away sooner!

How did infoodle help improve the situation?

The timing was uncanny, as we implemented infoodle just as we were going into the first COVID lockdown. This meant that we were able to use infoodle’s communication tools to send out our updates, which, doing the historic way, was very time consuming.

Another benefit of sending through infoodle, is that it collects the history, so you ‘re able to see what has been sent. Being cloud based, and having all our data in one place, meant that we were all able to efficiently work from home, which was invaluable during the lockdown periods.

How did infoodle help you solve those problems? What were the results?

infoodle has streamlined our administration processes, which in turn has saved us so much time; it is very user friendly and intuitive, making it easy for everyone to pick up quickly. We are able to communicate much easier with different groups within the MS Community, making the information we send more relevant to people. Having all our data in one place, makes it easier all round, enabling a better understanding of who you are communicating with, nobody is hunting for information, it is easier to keep accurate, and of course, best of all, it saves us all time!

What features of infoodle do you find particularly useful?

We have integrated Xero with infoodle, which streamlines administration even further – receipting is no longer painful, and account code analysis is fantastic. The reports section is plentiful and can pull out information that is useful for campaigns, data analysis and funder reporting. The reporting section is very capable of so much more than what we are using it for right now, in which I am looking forward to using it to its full potential.

Our Community Advisors have found the notes and group sections very beneficial and time saving, marking attendance and being able to run reports off this, is also very advantageous.

What was your experience with our support team?

The support team have been very helpful, especially during implementation, and very patient!

Would you recommend infoodle to others?

Without a shadow of doubt, I would be happy to recommend infoodle! Already 2 other Multiple Sclerosis organisations have migrated to infoodle or planning to.

MS Auckland

is an organisation whose Community Advisors provide help and support to people affected by MS. Learn more about them on their website.

For more information on infoodle, contact us at