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Rotorua Community Hospice is not just a building; it is a philosophy of care. The majority of people receiving support are cared for in their own homes. Their goal is to help people make the most of their lives; to live every moment in whatever way is important to them.

In this case study, we talk with Nicola Smallwood and Jan Morgan from Rotorua Hospice, who have been using the infoodle CRM for the past 5 years. Like many of our customers, Rotorua Community Hospice was suffering from a number of issues that were causing both headaches, and really impeding their ability to focus more on helping people, rather than spending wasteful hours in admin. Keep reading to learn how it has impacted their day-to-day admin life for the better.

What was your situation like before introducing infoodle?

We had no history on our donors; We had quite a few spreadsheets, and keeping them in line was painful; information was constantly getting lost. We needed a better solution. Without the aid of a CRM, a very manual process using spreadsheets was in place. Initially this was a solution that worked. But with more contacts, donors, and clients being added daily, this soon started to show cracks and the restrictions it had.It was really cumbersome going in and out of spreadsheets, and trying to keep them all in line. For someone new coming in, trying to work out the different spreadsheets was painful. Information could constantly get lost

How did things change after implementing infoodle?

Rotorua Hospice has now been using infoodle since 2014, and it has made a huge difference. Every aspect is quicker, easier, and no longer a frustrating processes.

If you look at the time we spend now compared to what we did spend, we spend a lot less time because of infoodle. And pre-infoodle, our reconciling processes was painful and laborious. With infoodle it is easier and faster.

As for keeping track of all the information on customers, donors, etc, the infoodle CRM is a big contrast from the pre-infoodle processes. I love that when I’m searching for someone, I only need to partially type any part of their name to find them. And sometimes we don’t even have their name, so being able to search by other things like email is great. It means we can get to the information we need quickly and easily

What other features of infoodle do you find useful?

Initially infoodle was just an answer to problems being faced, but it also allows clients to do things that they previously did not have a good means of achieving. As and when needed, customers can start using a host of features like Reports, Library Management, Rostering, and many more to open new doors, and to make life all that little bit more sweeter. In Rotorua Hospice’s case, this recently took shape with the infoodle Forms.

We have just launched a regular giving program. Using infoodle forms online, we connected it to Stripe to allow people to give on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. We have found that really, really easy because people can just literally fill out the form online on the website, write down their details, Stripe takes the money, and that gets put into infoodle automatically. We can then track when payments don’t go through, and we can pull reports and make calls, and check if credit cards have expired.

[Before implementing infoodle Forms] we had very few regular givers, and they had gone down over the years because we really weren’t able to keep track of when people stop giving. Sometimes they would have gone to their own bank and set up an automatic payment, and sometimes we wouldn’t even have any contact details for them, which meant we couldn’t call them to check ‘hey have your credit cards details expired? Do you want to continue, or come back on board etc’ – but now we can easily.

What feature do you find the most effective for your website?

Forms can be used in a number of ways. You can send them via email, or post a link on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can even embed them straight onto your website with a quick copy and paste, bringing huge functionality and ease of access to your visitors.

We redid our website recently, and have used infoodle forms a lot on it. We also have a Volunteer Application Form, and on the first three weeks we had a few applications through already. Which is lots to us, because before we would not have got that, or that traffic. It is just so easy. People these days just want to go to a website and apply – and now they can!

There is also a Contact Us Form on the website, and what we like about that one is it sends an automatic email to us with their questions, and that means we don’t have to add them to the database if we don’t want to, and can just reply quickly to it. And we have an Education Form that people can use to sign up to workshops we are running.

What do you like most about infoodle?

There are a lot of small touches that are really appreciated as well, making the process just a little simpler and more user-friendly. With infoodle, we can look at a person, and make notes very quickly such as why they donated, and see that information by just typing their name. We also really like the reporting functionality – being able to pull reports. It is user friendly for choosing what information you want to pull and how you want to show the data.

I’ve used a lot of different CRMs, and I just find that infoodle is really user friendly, and simple to navigate. To get from point A to B easily – it is laid out in an easy to read and navigation way. It is great that we can customise it to meet our needs so we can put in the information we want.It isn’t just the infoodle software that is making a difference to Rotorua Community Hospice.

The icing on the cake for us is also the support! We really like that you guys are so responsive when we ask questions – and I think the Slack setup is really awesome if you got a quick question instead of having to send an email or something.

Images and text featured in this post have been kindly provided by Rotorua hospice

Rotorua Community Hospice

Rotorua Hospice can provide care and support for anyone living with a life-limiting condition e.g. heart failure, motor neuron disease, MS or cancer. They care for families and friends as well, both before and after death.

For more information, visit the Rotorua Community Hospice Website.

To learn more about infoodle and its features, book a free online demo or reach out to our Sales Team for more information.