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infoodle is used by a range of customers, from New Zealand to the USA to the UK, from big to small, and from Charities to Churches, each with their own special requirements.

Simon Bell is based in the UK and specialises in Accounting, Financial Advice and Tax. His practice works with registered charities and helps with their compliance work as well.

What issues that you were experiencing led you to infoodle?

For UK Charities, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is a fast, reliable, and efficient way to process Gift Aid Claims.

When we first started generating gift aid claims for our charity clients, we were using the painstaking method of inputting every single donation onto an excel spreadsheet, adding the addresses of donors and then submitting to HMRC. This was a long and laborious task which meant we had to pull additional people on board to complete it on time.

At best, processing Gift Aid Claims in this fashion is slow, cumbersome, and actually costly. At worse, add to that list also that it is a hindrance and distraction to your organisation’s main purpose and mission. So finding a solution is critical to success. Unfortunately, a lot of these solutions are not focused on the Charitable sectors, and so misses the mark in areas because they simply do not understand your needs.

How did implementing infoodle change the situation?

Although we have only been using infoodle for the past year, it has changed the way we look after our charity clients in so many ways! To start with, the time we spend on their work is minimal as it is integrated with our accounting software meaning that whenever a change is made within Xero it updates automatically in infoodle – the information is up to date to the second. All we have to do now is check the figures are correct and with one click of a button the claim is submitted.

infoodle even automatically creates invoices to post back into Xero for when the claim money gets paid! In addition, there is a wealth of reports that can be generated straight away if needed.

Understanding charities, and having close integration with Xero means that infoodle understands you, and your needs for your CRM needs, and your HMRC Claims.

Would you recommend infoodle to others?

We have saved so much time using Infoodle and would recommend it to anyone looking for community management software. It is so easy to use and whenever we have a query, the team are incredibly responsive and helpful.

I am sure we have hardly even touched the surface of its capabilities and look forward to using it more and more in the future!

If you would like to get in touch with the TB Tax Services Team, you can do so by visiting their website.

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