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Last week our company had the privilege of acting as a Keynote Sponsor in one of the most awaited events in the New Zealand nonprofit scene – Tonic Conference 2021. Tonic Conference is organised every year by our amazing friends from Exult, a leading provider of training and workshops that help not-for-profits grow and flourish.

In their own words,“Tonic Conference is an annual check-up for non-profit organisations and is full of practical ideas for becoming stronger, smarter and better equipped.”

The theme of this year’s conference was Stronger Together: Connection, Collaboration, Diversity. It was amazing to be able to hear presentations on a whole range of not only inspiring but very practical topics, such as fostering collaboration, promoting inclusivity and diversity, building strong teams that work well together, doing fundraising, and even managing anxiety. The speakers included Tania Wilson, the chair of Momenta Charitable Trust, Anjum Rahman from Inclusive Aotearoa Collective Tahono, Michelle Elborn from Bay Conservation Alliance, Nelson Pulotu, the GM of Tutaki Youth Inc., and Kerri Price, the founder of Exult who now provides coaching and training on team building.

The presentations were followed by concurrent workshops where participants could dive deeper and explore the topics that interested them further.

The organisers of Tonic Conference did an excellent job of providing a safe and inclusive space for education, reflection and networking. But most importantly, they brought together incredibly inspiring people and organisations all united by one dream – to make the world we live in a better place, which can only be achieved if we all work together.

infoodle Pre-Tonic Conference workshop

One of the highlights of the conference week was our own Pre-Tonic Conference workshop – an opportunity that we opened to conference attendees and existing infoodle clients. This was our first experience of holding an event like this, and we enjoyed it tremendously. We held the workshop at the infoodle Headquarters on Wednesday evening right before the conference. During the  registration, our guests had the opportunity to submit questions or topics they would like to have covered during the Q&A session. We also had a few of our team members give short but informative presentations.

First, Nadia announced the launch of our new website, a huge project that had been in the works since August last year. The new infoodle website has separate landing pages for charities, churches and community groups respectively, the aim of which is to present relevant content to each of our target audiences. In our Resources area we tell our clients’ stories and publish blog articles on topics that frequently come up in our everyday conversation with charities and churches and answer many questions. The website also features our new promo and demo videos produced for us by the fantastic team at Creation Films, which give a comprehensive overview of our product.

For our existing clients, we emphasised the importance of the Training page with the schedule of our upcoming training sessions on a variety of topics that they can book free of charge.

Next, Dave spoke of the upcoming replacement of our Help System. This new more intelligent platform improves the usability of our help, in particular searching for content should be a lot more helpful!

Finally, our founder and CEO Richard Smith presented our biggest current work in progress – the email system. The launch of this product has been delayed for various reasons, not least because we wanted to ensure we included as many of the features you have been asking for as possible. Once launched, you will find a whole host of improvements including the new email builder which will make it possible to design beautiful emails right within infoodle, use beautiful templates in more places, include custom fields and will give you access to more detailed analytics. We will communicate more on this as we prepare for the launch.

Keep an eye on our monthly newsletters and quarterly updates – these are the best place to find out about what’s happening in the infoodle world!