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Farm Angels was established in 2014 in response to help those in rural Queensland impacted by the prolonged drought. Hence Drought Angels. Since then Drought Angels – Now Farm Angels, has continued to expand and provides financial assistance, food hampers, care packs, and mental wellbeing support to over 4,700 primary producers affected by all natural disasters (drought, flood, fire, and plagues) in over 1,300 communities across Australia. 

Jenny shared with us what they do to show their appreciation to their volunteers: 

“Every day we show thanks and appreciation to our volunteers as they are such an integral part of our team.

Every year we celebrate their service to our charity, with an afternoon tea made by and served by staff.  We set up and clean up everything. We don’t allow the volunteers to help at all which is a great source of fun for them!  We give a certificate of appreciation and a small personal gift. 

We celebrate their years of services, and any significant achievements during their time with us. This shows in a practical way that they are appreciated, and that they mean a lot to us all.”

We asked Jenny to share a significant moment that highlights the benefit of volunteering to the community as a whole.  “We have a new volunteer who joined our team only a few short weeks ago. She has told us that she has not been as happy as she is now and didn’t realise how isolated she had made herself. She feels so much more connected to her community as a whole and is now smiling all the time!”

Farm Angels started using infoodle to help them manage their volunteers 6 years ago and now use infoodle to manage the whole process of supporting the farmers as well as their  donor management.  Find out more about infoodles CRM here

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