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This week we continue to showcase infoodle clients working with volunteers and how the benefit is reciprocal to both the charity and the volunteer.

Pāpāmoa Food Hub

Pāpāmoa Food Hub is a brand new charity that has only been going for 6 months and is already making a huge impact in the local community. Their vision is to help eradicate food poverty in the Pāpāmoa community.

I chatted with a group of volunteers preparing food parcels before going out to deliver them. They all agreed volunteering gives them a sense of purpose, a reason to get up and get out of the house. But also a shared purpose – wanting to give back to the community and having that connection with other people.

Fareena talked about her experience at one time receiving counselling support “Because of other people’s generosity providing help and advice at a time when I need a bit of extra help, I am now able to help other people, and it is so needed in our community. There have been so many people who have been helped, I remember one lady whom we helped when her husband passed away. She came to thank us later, she broke down and wept as she shared her story and how the help we provided helped her survive. I’ll never forget that”

It is obvious Fareena has a passion for volunteering and a great relationship with the volunteers, “We have an amazing group of volunteers. Seeing the commitment, love and care the volunteers give is an inspiration to me and I just love being a part of it” Volunteering has helped me and made me stronger as a person and I have also learned some new skills.”

The skills that are sought after in a volunteer – Caring for others, commitment and time management are great strengths to have.

“Pāpāmoa Food Hub would not be able to operate without volunteers, we are a new baby organisation, having only opened our doors 6 months ago. We are very blessed to have such huge support from the local community and businesses and have so many wonderful volunteers. While we dont require people with any skills, we do need people who have a reasonably strong back to lift and carry food parcels.”

Fareena says “Pāpāmoa looks like a fairly normal to affluent community and you may not think there is a high demand for support but with the cost of housing, rent and mortgage increases, many households with 2 or more full-time in employment are still struggling to meet payments and food is often the thing that is skimmed off, so there is plenty of need out there”.
As we are still new we have not done much yet to show our volunteers our thanks, but I’m thinking of getting together at the local cafe and treating them to coffee and cake could be a good idea. I look forward to reading all the ideas (throughout volunteer appreciation month) and implementing them.

Find out more about Pāpāmoa Food Hub here.

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(Header photo credit Kelly O’Hara)