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Have you ever met a church pastor, priest or religious leader who didn’t wish they had more time on their hands to be able to serve their members better? Neither did we!


It is not a secret that many church leaders nowadays experience burnouts due to the excessive workload: apart form taking care of their congregation, there are all these admin tasks to perform, organisational issues to resolve, financial matters to take care of – the list goes on an on. And while most pastors are incredibly gifted communicators, not many of them are excited about administrative work.

Whether you are an effective administrator or have got one on your team, your church will only benefit from adopting a system that will allow you to simplify your processes. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages that having a centralised platform for managing your church can bring!

Streamline your processes and accomplish more

When we think of church administration, there’s a wide variety of tasks that comes to mind:

  • store a complete & up-to-date picture of each congregation member
  • record attendance, check in children, and follow up with visitors
  • easily manage tithes and offerings, accept online donations and issue tax receipts
  • provide your congregation with accurate & timely information across various devices
  • send out emails and text messages
  • manage life groups
  • plan services and other events down to the minute
  • roster volunteers and print name tags

These can be overwhelming for one person or even a team of staff to manage, especially as your church keeps growing and expanding. A comprehensive cloud-based software tool gives you a holistic view of all your operations.

It enables you to store your members’ details, keep track of visitors, organise volunteers, plan services or events, and manage finances – all in one place. You will no longer need to memorise multiple logins and figure out integrations between different system, which will make your admin life that much easier!


what is church management software

Enhance communication and strengthen connections

Church management software enables you to store contact details of members & attenders, see their involvement & clerical information, and add pastoral care notes. But more importantly, built-in or integrated communication tools in ChMS will assist you with connecting effectively with staff and members, enhance your ability to reach out to newcomers, and keep your congregation in the loop regarding recent developments or upcoming events.

You can have customised and personalised messages sent out to individuals or groups. These usually perform better that generic collective emails and have a more profound impact. To simplify the process, you can set up task reminders to greet, connect, follow up or check on on your members. You can even create automated workflows, so when they get added to a particular group (such as New Volunteers or Grief Support Group), the system sends them a greeting note and a series of emails.

Not doing these manually ensures nobody falls through the cracks and saves a tremendous amount of time, which brings us right to our next point!

Save time and resources spent on admin with church management software

A whole lot of administrative tasks can be easily handled by church management software, thus making your workload more manageable. Designed for accuracy, it will also reduce the chance of human error. Having just one system for managing people, monitoring finances, and organising activities will definitely increase your team’s efficiency and free up more time for ministry. As a result, focusing on your ministry will help you serve your community better, create stronger leaders, and grow more disciples.

infoodle is a complete church management software, designed to fit you and your congregation’s needs. It’s highly customisable and accessible anywhere from any device. infoodle is currently supporting over 500 churches, faith-based organisations and charities in New Zealand and beyond. Our mission is to provide churches of all sizes and denominations with the simplest administration tool available. Talk to our team today and see how we can help your organisation!