Make event registration fun, quick and accurate.

Use any web enabled device, print to any printer and design your own labels of any size with data from infoodle. Kids, youth, families and seniors alike love check in.

check in systemAre you using our check in system?

infoodle check in system allows people who are attending your events to safely register themselves as present. infoodle check in allows you to:

  • Track and Trace who is attending
  • See how many are attending and manage numbers
  • Warning when maximum numbers are being reached
  • Checklist in case of emergency procedures
  • Record visitors and who brought along visitors
  • Records check in time
  • Print labels with names and other important information eg, allergies
  • Print security guardian check out label
  • Guardian pager number
  • Records check out time
  • Use attendance to record volunteer hours

Any label printer?

Yes – any printer, or label printer that your systems can print to, we support!

My label layout?

Yes – you can include contact, group and custom field data on your labels, where you want them in the size you want them. It even prints a picture of a birthday cake when its your birthday!

Any device?

Yes – any device with an internet connection and a web browser can be used as a terminal to check in.

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