Centralise and publish your calendars and organise all the people involved.

Keeping volunteers, rooms and equipment all organised is a challenge. infoodle centralises the communication – providing the tools you need to ensure everyone is informed. Individuals can make appointments with reminders, too.

Event organiserNo double-ups

infoodle enables you to share the booking of rooms and events with others, knowing there will be no double-bookings

Roster your volunteers

With our configurable roster system you can delegate the administrative tasks of maintaining your rosters to the team leaders. All data is centrally viewable by the event planners to ensure volunteers are going to turn up!

Ask the questions

Setup questions that must be answered for specific room locations, and who should be notified e.g. Do you need sound – yes, infoodle will let them know? Or have you completed the Health and Safety checks?

Remind me!

Ensure the right people turn up with our automated reminders via text and or email