Capture Registrations, Enquiries or Donations from your website to add to infoodle.

Using drag-and-drop to build your forms in infoodle you can safely capture data directly from your community, add the data to your infoodle system and add automation features.


Use online forms

Are you struggling to declutter your office? Try storing everything on the cloud! With “infoodle form builder” there is no limit to the number of uses for forms, from registration to payment and donation forms, surveys and data gathering.

Desk clutter of papers, documents, photos and forms etc. is a thing of the past. Now we can store everything on the cloud! infoodle offers unlimited possibilities:

  • No limit to the number of questions or fields you want to have on your forms
  • Choose from created custom fields or use generic independent fields
  • Wide variety of field type – text, look up, date, integer, lists, multi select
  • Embed directly into your website, facebook, app.
  • Publish as links in emails
  • Mobile friendly
  • Adds directly to contact profile pages
  • Send automated replies on submission
  • Add to groups
  • Integrate with a variety of payment gateways
  • Purchases, donations, ticket sales including early bird discounts, registrations
  • Control the number of registrations
  • Include multiple people on a form
  • Attach documents
  • Export form entries
  • Add images
  • Customise CSS code

Survey anyone?

Build your form, publish to your website or email a link out. Capturing the data is done for you

Design to match your site

If your designer wants different colors or wording we’ve given control for each element and form to you

Register for camp

Build your form, publish a link to it on facebook. As entries come in automatically reply with kit-list, pickup and drop-off instructions

Take payment

infoodle automates payments by supporting connections to various payment gateways. It also gives the choice for check, bank transfer or a free format descriptions
Attach files to forms

Do you need to upload files or supporting documents with application forms?

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