infoodle is a complete package, keenly priced yet free stuff is always available.

You need to be confident in using infoodle – you need to ensure you are using all of its features to the best. Infoodle provides free training, free support, free (usually) data loading service, free upgrades, free backups.


Is support included?

There are no additional charges for support, either by email or phone.


We get out and about to meet with you and bring you interesting content. These roadshows are free to you.

Can we load our own data?

Yes – you can import a variety of data yourself. Usually we encourage you to ask us to assist you with this as we take data from different systems, layouts, database types and can get infoodle setup for you right from the outset so you can just start. For the most part this is free – so why not!

Do we need training?

No – most people are able to jump right in. But, if you want to, you can join our free weekly training sessions with the developers and our expert staff to help you make the most out of infoodle. We do love talking to our customers and hearing how they are or want to use infoodle.