Gather data with or without xero, and file your claims directly with HMRC

Save days of effort and improve cash flow by using infoodle to gather the data you need from Xero, or quickly import data, and file your data with the HMRC electronically or via their spreadsheets.

gift aid

Gather contacts

Pull contact data from xero to automatically create your list of donors for filing.

Record gift aid approvals

Record that the donor has approved the gift aid claim. There can be multiple periods for those who need to stop & start. Upload a document or include information to identify evidence.

File to the HMRC

Click ‘File to HMRC’ and you’re done, or download the data ready to add to their gift aid filing spreadsheet and file it yourself.

Add Invoice to Xero

Once filed, click ‘Create invoice’ to add the claim as an invoice to xero, includes tracking categories if you need.

Gather transactions

Automatically import and process transactions from xero, or add using our various imports.