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Finance Package

Track finances, manage donors, issue receipts and create tax reports.

Donors are the lifeblood of nonprofit organisations. As such, effective donor management is vital to the achievement of your mission and purpose.

infoodle makes it easy to track your donor records; including transactions, receipts and statements. Share your success stories and the benefits their donations have allowed you to deliver.

Direct Xero integration removes the need for duplication, improving accuracy and saving time and cost.

Key features and benefits


Infoodle connects to a variety of payment integrations, which enables the collection of donations payments and pledges securely and directly from your website or email link.

Streamlining payments ensures accuracy, immediate responses to donors and reliability.

Receipts / Gift Aid

Reduce the time spent issuing tax receipts to donors to meet their tax filing requirements.

For the UK, infoodle provides a comprehensive Gift Aid claims management service which increases your income.

With Xero

Receive automatic feeds from Xero saving you time whilst improving data accuracy and integrity.


Create reports to better understand your organisation, people, demographics, participation and finances. Generate reports to better understand your organisation, donors and track finances.

This enables you to understand and communicate your financial position to key stakeholders.

What about Gift Aid?

For our UK registered clients, infoodles finance package includes Gift Aid management to easily file claims with HMRC.


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