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CRM Package

A suite of functionality to serve the core needs of charities, churches and community groups of all sizes.

Infoodle is a powerful CRM software solution focused on your people and communities. Easily store and track your contact information, manage your communications, and keep accurate, up to date records all in one place.

With infoodle you can bring all your admin needs into one place and see the whole picture. No need for multiple systems to be maintained, no time wasted searching, correcting or merging information, allowing you to focus on your mission.

Key features and benefits


Store and manage contact details of your members, donors or visitors using our secure cloud-based tool.

Infoodle is customisable and flexible, allowing you to store rich data to better organise and engage with your people, donors and communities.

This not only saves time, but makes for more relevant and effective communication.


Send beautifully designed, personalised emails, text messages and letters with our feature rich email system.

Effective communication with your contacts is key to raising awareness and keeping your community well informed and engaged with your activities.


Create notes and to-do lists, set up task reminders and email notifications, and automate your processes.

This valuable tool helps you deliver accurately, consistently and efficiently – saving valuable time and money in the process.


Create reports to better understand your organisation, people, demographics, participation and finances. Generate lists for general and targeted communications and keep stakeholders well informed.

This enables you to make your data work harder and to communicate with the right people, about the right subjects at the right time!

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