Centralise your contacts and communications.

Run your organisation with one database containing all your contacts. It will increase accuracy and efficiency. By creating groups to reflect your organisation you can better target your information, delegate administration tasks and segment your data.


Address verification

Get accurate addresses. Search for postal validated addresses in New Zealand and Australia.

Capture the conversation

By sending and receiving emails and texts through infoodle, you can build a communication history with groups and individuals that’s usable by your team.
Customise fields

Add new fields that you need, to enable you to record, search and report on your data.

Understand connections

With groups and subgroups, you understand how people are connected to you, and can direct communications to them, report on their activity, restrict access to clusters and more.

Keep track

Add task reminders and notes to remind you and your team of interactions with people. Report and understand what is happening with your community whilst keeping it confidential.