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Charity Management Software

We help nonprofits get the full picture of their fundraising data, organise events, manage volunteers and communicate with stakeholders.

Every charity is unique, and functions in its own way. Infoodle is flexible and customisable so that we can support you. Watch an in-depth demo or explore our features below, designed with you in mind, to make your charity more efficient so you can focus on your mission.

infoodle charity management software system

“infoodle charity management software gives us a platform to create a well-rounded, robust and flexible database accessible with ease from anywhere.”

Momenta Charitable Trust, New Zealand


Store contact details, track event attendance or roster/rota volunteers all in one place using our easily accessible cloud-based charity management system.

Saving you valuable time and money.


Engage your supporters, volunteers and donors using one intuitive system and establish better communication and collaboration.

Improve your effectiveness and produce better outcomes.


Create professional fundraising experiences for your nonprofit: accept donations, issue receipts and manage tax information.

Deliver more for your beneficiaries.

Release time for serving your community…

Reach more people.
Develop more committed members.
Increase donations.
Make an impact.

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Charity Client Stories


Wishlist’s Journey with infoodle

Revolutionising Operations: Wishlist's Journey with infoodle Discover how Wishlist, the Sunshine Coast Health Foundation, reshaped its operations with infoodle. Faced with challenges in efficiency and communication using Blackbaud NXT, Wishlist…

Age Concern Canterbury

Age Concern Canterbury now see the big picture   Getting all the clients and teams onto one platform has meant Age Concern Canterbury can now see a client’s whole association…

Kids Club Kampala

Kids Club Kampala, Helping Vulnerable Children Survive and Thrive with infoodle Kids Club Kampala is a UK charity helping vulnerable kids in the slums of Kampala, the capital of Uganda,…

West Northumberland FoodBank

West Northumberland Food Bank improving cash flow and efficiency   Together we can make a difference We asked Lesley Ferguson from West Northumberland Food Bank about their experience of moving…

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Cycling Without Age started in Copenhagen in 2012 and now has chapters across 39 countries including New Zealand. I spoke with Elizabeth (Liz) from Cycling Without Age(CWA) Napier, about CWA,…

Volunteer Appreciation : Pāpāmoa Food Hub

This week we continue to showcase infoodle clients working with volunteers and how the benefit is reciprocal to both the charity and the volunteer. Pāpāmoa Food Hub Pāpāmoa Food Hub…