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While building an engaged community does not happen overnight, there are a few components that can contribute to success. In the previous two posts of the Emailing for Nonprofits series we discussed the whats & whys of email communication and best practices that ensure deliverability and engagement. The third important part is having a robust, versatile and reliable system that supports your effort of communicating with your stakeholders effectively.

In today’s post, which is the last of the series, we are excited to walk you through the upcoming infoodle email system upgrade happening soon. It was announced last week during the “Keep Calm & infoodle on” Online Roadshow, but if you weren’t able to attend the session, we got you covered.

Curious to learn what you will be able to do with the new email system? Keep reading to find out!

1. Enjoy a cleaner and simpler layout

Now, when you get to your “contact” section, it shows a more minimalist navigation system. You are most probably familiar with all the items, but we tweaked a few things so items are now more accessible and easier to find as they are reflecting on a single page (we are talking “send from”, “reply to”, attachments, signatures and the like).

2. Save your templates in infoodle

If you often send emails of a certain type (newsletters, onboarding emails, etc) or would like to create a reusable template that has your brand colours, fonts and images saved, there’s an option to do that. A designated section for templates that can be categorised is now visible on the opening page. This allows you to access your canned emails quickly and easily.

3. Get a glimpse of your analytics

Within the “sent and scheduled” section you will now be able to access some of the data that might be of interest, such as open and bounce rates, and view comprehensive reports on open times, unique opens, or unsubscribes. You can use these statistics to do A/B testing or create separate email lists based on successful delivery or opens.


4. Organise your unsubscribes according to mail types

The unsubscribe process is now an automated, built-in feature of infoodle. All outgoing emails must be tagged with a mailtype such as ‘General communications’ or ‘Reports’ (you can add more) and infoodle checks these to ensure unsubscribed emails do not receive the email at all times. A person wishing to manage their email preferences can now select from the list of available mail types which ones they want to – or do not want to receive. They could also pause their account for a period of time. Lastly, there are some transactional emails that people cannot opt-out from to ensure they receive important emails. Using this feature simplifies the process of managing unsibscribes significantly.

5. Design your emails within infoodle

Now we’ve made it to the most awaited and exciting feature! For many of our customers, a common practice for a few years now has been creating email templates in Mailchimp and uploading them to infoodle to send them out to their audience. Now you get an easy-to-use “drag & drop” email builder right inside your infoodle CRM! You can change layouts, edit images, add colours, use a variety of fonts, add preview text to capture people’s attention, add buttons and more – all without leaving your CRM.

In conclusion, the new email system has all the necessary features to provide both experts and beginners with a tool to create easily customisable and highly converting emails to inform, engage or support your subscribers.

If you would like to learn about the upcoming changes in more detail, watch the video explaining all the new features:

We are also hosting a new training that covers all aspects of the new email system in early December: Book via our calendar.