Extend your usage to the phone using the new infoodle app

We’re proud to release the infoodle App!

This is an extension to the infoodle package, available to all our clients free of charge. You can use it to enable your community to connect with you and optionally connect to your data in infoodle.

infoodle app

Download infoodle from the AppStore or Google Play store.


The new app allows you to:

– Customise the look of your home screen, configure menu sections, add photos to the directory, and more.

– Have full control over what content can be accessed by the general public and authenticated members.

– Send push notifications.

– Manage the app content from your infoodle CRM.

– Enable app users to scan into events, access rosters, check venue bookings and see the list of upcoming activities.

You can add links to web pages, PDF content, infoodle Forms, or live streams.

infoodle app screens