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Let’s spend some time talking with Aukje – the infoodle team member with a crucial role of keeping track of everything and everyone, and usually the first person new customers talk to.

The basics

Position within infoodle: Sales, Support, and Superhero

Time working for infoodle: 8 Years – Since Day 2!

Who is Aukje?

Aukje has been along for the infoodle ride since it was a mere conception scribbled upon the threads of imagination. Supporting the Lead Developer Richard Smith (oh, and that’s her hubby too!) through the initial brainstorming, testing, and madness, Aukje has had a closer than most understanding to the inner-workings of infoodle.

Stepping up to the plate, Aukje went on to learn and master new skills from Sales, to IT Support, to Marketing, showing her adaptability and also passion for infoodle. After 8 years, there is no slowing down for her, as she keeps learning, and being infoodle’s number 1 ambassador.

Now let’s get personal

It is time for us to ask Aukje herself some of the most important life questions that can be asked:

What do you do to relax?
 Read. I enjoy Spy & Thriller Novels, and Historical books like those by Francine Rivers

What are your favourite Movie?
 The NeverEnding Story! Oh, and The God’s Must Be Crazy

If you could only eat one item of food for the rest of your life (regardless of how it would affect your health), what would it be?
 Lasagne. Any type, as long as it is Lasagne..

You are teleported into an alternate reality where you live in Africa – Which country would you live in, and what would your occupation be?
 Definitely a Safari Tour Guide in South Africa

Apple or PC?

iPhone or Android?

Where is the best place you have ever vacationed, and why?
 Greece. Just experience it with family.

What Sports do you follow?
 *said in a whispered hush* I… don’t…. But if I had to.. I guess Rugby, Netball, or Rowing….

And what is your favourite colour?

If you could meet any person, and share a cup of tea and a blueberry scone with them, who would it be?
 Nelson Mandela

If you had a superpower, what would it be?
 Self Cloning. Then I would make all my clones do all the work so I could relax more!