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Emerald Centre for Hope and Outreach, Inc. is a Christian charity offering programs for youth and families in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Today on our blog they share how they use infoodle to serve their community in the best possible way.

Tell us a little about ECHO Youth and Family Services

We are a Christian charity offering programs for youth and families in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

What was your situation before infoodle?

We were in partnership with another organisation and when we became independent, we needed to separate our data. The previous system was old and difficult to use and the data was not very sound.

Why have you chosen infoodle?

We did a lot of research into what was best for non-profit organisations and infoodle was recommended. We then tested it out and were happy to find something in the Southern Hemisphere that suited our needs so well at a reasonable price.

What features do you find particularly useful?

We are currently focused on the CRM as we are only in our first year, so we want to ensure that all our data is clean. We are slowly introducing staff to it as we go, since we use it mostly to track our supporters and communicate with them. It also helps us to maintain volunteer and staff records.

Was the implementation process easy?

Our previous database had been constantly added to, but rarely had anything taken off it, so we knew we had to be careful to make sure our staff understood their requirements clearly. It has been so much easier with the ability to set specific roles. Now we can make sure that each staff member only changes things within their own volunteer group. In addition, I can easily print off reports to check that all the information is current.

What are the benefits of using infoodle?

infoodle offers many benefits, but the one I have appreciated most is that it works hard to ensure we identify people clearly and don’t enter the same people twice. Checking not only names, but also addresses is really helpful. The contact is also really easy and I use it for most of my emails. My favourite though is the reports, as I can choose anything I need to know and have it in my hands in minutes.

Images and text featured in this post have been kindly provided by ECHO.

Emerald Centre for Hope and Outreach Inc.

operating as ECHO Youth and Family Services is a Christian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping those young people who are struggling to find their place in the world and supporting families facing social and financial difficulties. To learn more, visit their website here.

To learn more about infoodle and its features, book a free online demo or reach out to our Sales Team for more information.