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As promised, this blog post covers several practical ways how infoodle can help your email deliverability. Here are a few tips that our clients use in order to avoid Spam folders:

Send using your own domain with domain verification

At infoodle we can help you to get your domain verified. We take care of SPF and help you set up DKIM. If you are sending your emails through infoodle and you do not have a verified domain, infoodle will use its verified domain and sent it on your behalf. It is better if you use your own verified domain so then your readers will see immediately who the email is from and the content is more likely to match up with the domain.

Open Statistics

infoodle has some tools that allow you to see the open rates of your emails. Also you can see any other failure notice.

Bounced notification

If an email is not delivered, this is called a hard bounce, then in the email queues on your infoodle dashboard you will receive notification which email failed, and a reason why it had failed. You can also de-activate the address, therefore unsubscribing this address.


Using the infoodle forms you can have a link on each email sent out with an unsubscribe link. the form gives you the opportunity to ask why a person is wanting to unsubscribe.


The opposite of above, you can use the infoodle forms for people to subscribe to your email notifications. This ensures you have their permission and a valid email address. This can include a recapture to ensure a human is subscribing which is a preferred method by companies such as google.

Block and unblock

infoodle uses a tool to check if an email has been blocked. Our recommendation, if you want to continue to send emails to this address you should contact them directly and check if they still want to receive your emails and re-subscribe or check the address is typed correctly or has not changed. After this you can unblock.

If you come to infoodle after using other email systems, we can import your blocked lists from those systems.


infoodle has several different forms of personalisation that you can enter easily into your emails so each email reads personally. If you know a person is not receiving your email, ask them to check their spam folder, if it is there to mark it as not spam and dragging their inbox.

As you can see from these last few blogs, it is becoming more complex to send emails, but do not be discouraged, use these tips and keep persevering. We will continue to update you with any new information as we get it.

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